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We at Talailamo are happy to serve you our traditional delicacies with love. Like all the traditional cuisines, Tibetan cuisine has its historical and geographical influence that dates to the beginning of our civilization. Hailing from the top of the world, our way of diet and elements that goes into our food varies widely from that of others. With an average altitude of more than 4,000 meters, food and drink must be high in energy content, and be able to sustain the rigorous lifestyle of the Tibetan people. Our food is known for its use of yak meat, milk, cheese, noodles, mutton, barley, fruits and special crops/herbs that grow at high altitudes of Tibetan plateaus. Out food recipes are often fresh and do not contain any harmful chemicals used for preservation. We use Himalayan herbs that are found in abundance in high lands of Tibet which has medicinal benefits.
Tibetan food is dear to our hearts and we feel immense pleasure in opening Talailamo to spread this love for our food with the people of France and be a pioneer in introducing our traditional dishes for your relish. Our highly trained and passionate restaurant staffs are ready to give you the best experience of enjoying Tibetan delicacies. We take pride in making food that is nutritious and healthy without any MSG or preservatives. Our simple goal is to bring the taste of the Tibet to you!
Gonta Jam